Speaking out against Professor Ian Parker’s Suspension at MMU

Dearest friends,

Something incredibly shocking has happened.

Professor Ian Parker has been suspended from Manchester Metropolitan University. It has happened suddenly and unexpectedly, and students and staff at the University have been given little to no explanation as to why. Read more of this post

Stop the Destruction of Ruskin College’s Archive

by Shaun Williams, a former Student at Ruskin College, Oxford.

It has come to light that Ruskin College, Oxford, the institute of higher education which has long-standing associations with  the labour and trade union movements has been destroying a great deal of valuable archival material. Read more of this post

Save Applied Community and Youth Work Studies at Manchester University

by Denise Hayward, student in the ACYWS Dept

The Applied Community and Youth Work Studies (ACYWS) has provided opportunities for students to participate in higher education at the University of Manchester for nearly 25 years, growing in stature, and achieving a reputation as one of the best courses of its kind in the country. Previously at the forefront of the widening participation agenda, the University can rightly claim that this programme has ensured that many students with credible experience have been able to secure good quality degrees that would have been denied them had the emerging concentration on ‘A’ level attainment been enforced. Read more of this post

Queen Mary UCU votes for strike action

On a 55% turnout Queen Mary UCU members have voted for strike action and action short of a strike over redundancies and performance management issues. 65% voted for strike action and 81% for action short of a strike. Read more of this post

1st EAN broadsheet out!

We’ve produced our first broadsheet. Feel free to print out copies; the cover doubles up as a poster. We’re already starting to compile articles for the 2nd edition, so email us if you’re interested in getting involved. 

A PDF version can be downloaded hereImage

PROTEST WORKS – EAN Speaking tour alongside JEREMIE BEDARD-WIEN, Exec member of CLASSE, QUEBEC

In conjunction with DTRTP ,  the Education Activist Network will doing a meetings tour in universities across the country with Jérémie Bédard-Wien, executive member of CLASSE in Québec where a mass student strike against fees increases defied a repressive emergency law 78 to win substantial victories.

Jeremie Bedard-Wien will be talking about how protest won out -alongside others including Alfie Meadows, student defendant from the protests against fees in Britain, Autumn 2010.

Jeremie says:

“UK students face tripling tuition fees, the closure of departments and the deportation of international students. In this difficult context, the struggle CLASSE led against tuition increases has been an inspiration for many. Scarcely social movements manage to become what has been dubbed a “maple spring”: however, our successes can be replicated. We stand in solidarity with progressive struggles in the UK and elsewhere. This tour aims to strengthen ties between our movements and discuss the best way we can move forward, together. Everywhere, students are rising against neoliberal reforms to higher education. Our response to these attacks must be global.”

Full speakers list and times to be confirmed soon.

EAN Materials for freshers fairs

At this year’s freshers’ fairs EAN activists and supporters should be aiming to take photos of students holding up the sign ‘Hands off our classmates’. Groups then should launch a blog/tumblr/fb page along the lines of ‘KCL/Essex/Goldsmiths/Manchester/Hull students say: Hands off London Met! Hands off our classmates’.

To follow up from freshers groups should invite an international student from London Met to address the first assembly of the year. This will help to build the network in the run-up to the TUC demonstration on October 20.

Below you can find various materials that can help you build momentum for the upcoming hot autumn. If you want to have an EAN speaker address your assembly/Students Union general meeting or have any materials you want to share with activists from across the country please e-mail educationactivist@gmail.com

EAN Pledge for #demo2012


EAN Poster for London Met

EAN poster – Students & Workers

EAN briefing – Victory in Quebec

EAN briefing – What does austerity mean for Greek universities

EAN Briefing – Some tips to build the demo

EAN Briefing – 5 reasons to defend publically funded education

Hands off our classmate – Solidarity with London Met

MOTION 2012 – Affiliation

London Met – Defend Our Students – London Demonstration Friday 28/9

London Met – Defend Our Students – London Demonstration Friday 28/9.

Demo Leaflet for September 28

DEMO: STOP THE ‘NEW COLLEGE OF THE HUMANITIES’ Monday Sept 24th, 1pm, Bedford Square

called by Bloomsbury Fightback supported by: Education Activist Network

Facebook event

Grayling Hall may appear as nothing more than the narcissistic fantasy
of a sub-philosopher unfortunately over-inflated with Radio 4
air-time. In fact it is a serious profit making venture, a private
company thrusting its way into the education sector in order to guzzle
up the lucrative capital of bourgeois students desperate to separate
themselves off from the rabble. As such, it represents nothing less
than an all out class attack on the future of education.

While the managed destruction of London Metropolitan University
continues amid a hurricane of institutional racism, union busting and
P45s, the New College will attempt to establish itself as the pattern
book for education institutions from now on. Private contractors
crushing staff wages and conditions, students milked for ever more
ludicrous fees, and Trustee Boards bloated with industrialists and
finance capitalists: this is the model NCHUM wants to spread, and the
model which is tearing apart universities across the country.

There are no good universities, only those with better press officers
and fatter endowments. NCHUM is not the only target for collective
anger, nor is it necessarily the worst offender. But profiteering is
not new; egoism is not collegiate and neither is exploitation humane.
The ‘New College of the Humanities’ deserves to be stripped of its
name, its buildings, its lucrative students and any respect it might
have been able to scrape from the tongues of its sycophantic

Research and destroy! Stop NCHUM. 19 Beford Square, September 24th, 1pm.

Register for the EAN autumn conference at SOAS on Sunday October 28

REGISTER NOW (PAYPAL) or email us educationactivist@gmail.com

Join Facebook event

Conference timetable

A3 Conference poster

Massive tuition fees will impose a lifelong financial burden on students. But the damage will not stop here. The government wants to turn education into something to be bought and sold.

Teaching, learning and research cannot be purchased. They depend on active interaction.

But the politicians and university managers are trying to turn students into passive consumers and staff into service providers, pitting them against each other. They value marketing and branding more than critical thought and academic independence. This conference is about uniting staff and students in defence of our universities.

It will take place between the TUC march against austerity and the NUS education demonstration. It will draw on inspirational struggles from across the world and prvide arguments and analyses to strengthen resistance against the contamination of education by the market.

Speakers so far include: John Holmwood Campaign for the Public University; Alex Callinicos; Priyamvada Gopal Cambridge University; Peter Hallward Philosopher; Alfie Meadows injured student protester; Vicki Baars NUS VP Union Development; Andrew McGettigan Critical Education blog; Kelley Temple NUS Women’s Officer; Jim Wolfreys KCL UCU; leading student & trade union activists from across Britain & the world

Initial supporters include: Campaign for the Public University, Postgraduate Worker Association, Liverpool Guild of Students, Essex Students’ Union, Goldsmiths Students’ Union, Young Greens, Student Broad Left, Woodcraft Folk, Defend the Right to Protest



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