Clampdown: Defend the right to protest at Sussex University

Sussex University – where lecturers have recently balloted to strike with a record-breaking turnout – has been the scene of a growing student movement against cuts.  Now management have decided to clamp down.  In shocking scenes this Wednesday, they brought in riot police with dogs and tazers to attack a student protest.

(video via sussexnotforsale)

They have since suspended at least 6 students, bypassing normal disciplinary procedures and barring them from campus until further notice, and taken out a high court injunction outlawing unauthorised protests on university property.

This is an outrageous attack on the right to protest.  It is also an attempt to intimidate students and lecturers across the country out of taking action against the government’s education cuts.  Our movement can only win if it is united, and if we do not stand behind the Sussex students we set ourselves up for being picked off one by one.

Hundreds of Sussex students have already demonstrated against this clampdown on Friday.  Now, we must go back to that fundamental slogan “an injury to one is an injury to all”.  The Defend Sussex campaign blog features an online petition in defence of the arrested and suspended students.  Please sign it and circulate widely.


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7 Responses to Clampdown: Defend the right to protest at Sussex University

  1. Rameen Aini says:

    Stand for your rights, students lead the path to the future !

  2. Daniel Tyson says:

    An injury to one is an injury to all

  3. Devin Waugh says:

    Education is under assault all over the world, and any efforts to reverse this situation should be taken, including occupation, civil non-participation and open protests.

  4. As well as signing the petition, it would be very useful if you could get your trade union branch, students’ union or academic department to send a letter of condemnation to (and copy us in at

    We are working on a model letter and motion, which will be posted here later.

  5. paul witton says:

    I am retired, but will give you as much support as I can.

  6. justine cal says:

    We are suposidly in a country of free speech.This right of protest is being taken away.Every day we are moving more and more to a police state.If our students and lecturers are silenced what hope do we have as a society.

  7. You have done it again! Amazing read!

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