Model Motion – Reinstate the Sussex Six

As well as signing the petition in support of the victimised students at Sussex University, we need people to try and win institutional support from their trades union branches, students’ unions and academic institutions.  We saw an example of real solidarity this week at the University of Westminster when management demanded that course leaders identify students involved in last week’s occupation – and the UCU branch voted not to comply.  Now we need to show that solidarity with the Sussex Six.  Below we have attached a model motion due to be voted on at the next UGM of LSESU by student activists Aled and Lois, which you can copy and take to your own SU or union branch.  Please send letters of condemnation to (and copy us in too!

Union notes:

  1. Recent peaceful protests at Sussex University by students against proposed cuts to university budgets;
  2. The ballot by the University and Colleges Union (UCU) at Sussex that voted for strike action;
  3. At least  Sussex University students have been indefinitely suspended following the peaceful occupation of Sussex House, the main university administration building, on Wednesday 3rd March 2010, with the Vice-Chancellor reportedly overruling normal disciplinary procedure to suspend and bar students from campus before presenting them with any evidence of their alleged offences or giving them any opportunity to make their case;
  4. This follows the use of riot police on peaceful student protestors just days before.

Union believes:

  1.  Students and staff have the right to protest on campus and take direct action, particularly against swingeing cuts to their education;
  2. The use of riot police and disciplinary procedures against peaceful protestors by university management is a disgrace and should be opposed;
  3. Students across the country should show solidarity with their fellow students fighting cuts to education and these repressive measures at Sussex and other universities.

Union resolves:

  1. To sign the petition calling for the suspension on the Sussex students to be lifted, due process to be followed and an official condemnation of the police response to the protest released by the university;
  2. To write a formal letter of condemnation to the Vice Chancellor of Sussex University, reiterating the demands in the petition;
  3. To publicise the issue widely and encourage students to sign the petition in an individual capacity.

About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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