Protest at London South Bank University

On the day the Browne Review of University Finance is announced, London South Bank University students take it to the streets and bring traffic at Elephant and Castle to a halt. Students are enraged about the fact that university management has shut down the Language Center and are re-doubling their efforts to build for the national demonstration on November 10th and the Education Activist Network conference at King’s College and LSE  on October 31st.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

3 Responses to Protest at London South Bank University

  1. mbank1 says:

    I agree with the said article but there are ways of thinking

  2. Jason says:

    Dear Sir / Madame

    Topic – March 26th Protest, London

    I would like to make a suggestion to help enhance your campaign. I would appreciate if you discussed this idea amongst your peers.

    Music in western culture has been the only thing that brings people of all beliefs, values, classes together. The idea of protesting with banners and placards have some effect, but imagine thousands of people walking, singing and dancing to iconic songs by John Lennon (imagine, power to the people), Bob Marley (One Love, Get up stand up) and many more artists and songs will be inspirational and something new for people to talk about.

    Seeing thousands of people being happy, dancing, singing, being positive and believing in change, is a lot more hopeful message and connects with peoples emotions more effectively than seeing thousands of people walking the streets being angry against a system that has ignored countless protests throughout are modern day history. We are desperate need to get people together quickly to try put a stop to the Conservative cuts, please be open to try something different. You can even try both having some people march with music and other a more traditional march

    I have managed events after I graduated from university and have many more ideas how you can link the protest to Facebook and keep people engaged on your campaign.

    Our culture and diversity in London has changed and how we unite the people of London to stand up for the rights has to evolve to…



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