On the day of the Browne Review…


Siobhan Brown, a 3-year student from Manchester University reports: “We painted two ‘F**k Fees’ banners which some people then held up for passing cars to beep their horns at – which they did! The reception was really good with lots of students interested in coming to the Education Activist Network Conference on October 31st and the national NUS/UCU demonstration on November 10th. We aim to bring more than a thousand students to London for the 10th.”



Ashok Kumar from LSE reports: “Students at LSE protested Browne with an action in front of University Howard Davies’ action. Over 100 students wrote personal messages on helium balloons and hovered them in front of Davies’ office for more than 4 hourse before students delivered them to Davies. The action is part of LSE SUs ‘Freeze the Fees’ campaign which has already signed up a quarter of the student body, and garnered the support of the campus trade unions.”

Together with King’s College SU they will be host to the Education Activist Network Conference on October 31st.


Students at Birmingham of Birmingham Guild are turning the heat on this autumn. More than a hundred students demonstrated on their campus today.


Students protested outside London South Bank University on Tuesday. The students blocked the road and occupied a lobby in protest against language department closure.


The Sussex Stop the Cuts group organized a midday banner painting in the middle of campus on Tuesday as a direct response to the outcome of the Browne review.

Tens of students spent the afternoon painting “Fuck Fees”, “no fees, pleeease” or “eduction for all” banners and placards that where attached in the windows of the student union building later on in the day.

At the same time, STC launched a petition demanding that the Vice-Chancellor retract his previous statements in favour of £7.500 fees and publicly condemn the Browne Review.


Karl Rosen reports: On Monday workers and activists from Right to Work, Lambeth NUT, Unison, NASWUT, Goldmsiths College UCU and students joined a flashmbob outside a promotional event for Academies which Michael Gove headlined. On his way in, Gove looked confused as he was surrounded and heckled about his savage cuts and academies by workers in masks of his own face.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

One Response to On the day of the Browne Review…

  1. Meghan says:

    Parliament Square Occupied – Free University open

    Education Camp occupies Parliament Square and opens free university. If you’re tired of shouting slogans and want to be part of the alternatives, come to Parliament Square.

    As the dust settles on the chaos across central London, a new university has emerged: a free university in Parliament Square. The space was peacefully occupied by an autonomous group of students called Education Camp. Their intention is to hold the space for a period of time to facilitate free public lectures and open discussion about proactive alternatives for higher education. New students and professors are welcome.

    Currently there is free movement of students on and off the campus. Already some professors are planning lectures for tomorrow. Help is needed tonight to hold the space through peaceful means. The university has asked people donate warm blankets and hot food to keep the resistance going, and for more students to participate in peacefully holding this space.

    Decisions are being made by consensus and the group is non-hierarchical. The group is respectful of the space, intends to maintain it but also use it for a socially valuable activity – free higher education.

    For more information call 07904 351392 or 07500 005838 or visit the new campus.

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