Education and the CSR – day of action on Wednesday

The Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) this Wednesday confirmed every activist’s worst fears.

University funding is to be cut by 40% over the next four years. There will be no more funding for teaching in the arts and humanities; these courses will have to close or be funded through tuition fees, and there is speculation that institutions like Goldsmiths College could collapse altogether within the next few years.

Further education will see college funding cut by 25%. The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) that acts as a lifeline for many students will be scrapped, along with the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provision “for those not in settled communities”.

These announcements come on top of the Browne Review which calls for dramatic increases in university tuition fees, the Hutton Report and the attacks on FE workers’ pensions, and new figures from UCAS revealing that a record number of over 200,000 prospective students were turned away from University this year.

Day of Action – Wednesday 27th October

This week has seen protestors taking to the streets across the UK in opposition to the CSR. Next week we need to take the fight into our colleges and university campuses.

The Education Activist Network is calling a day of action next Wednesday. We want all of our supporters to do something – be it a small lunchtime meeting, a campaign stall to leaflet for the national demonstration on November 10th, or a protest outside the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Send reports and photos to to be featured on the website. See you at the conference next Sunday – don’t forget to register!


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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