Education Activist Network national conference this Sunday

Lord Browne and George Osborne have declared war on every student and worker in higher, further and adult education – with unlimited tuition fees, 79% funding cuts to university teaching, attacks on pay and pensions, the removal of college students’ EMA, job losses, course closures and an education sector dominated by the market.

There have been 5 general strikes in France since the start of September, with 3.5 million people protesting on the streets and 379 schools blockaded by students. We need to organise this level of resistance in Britain if we are to defeat the cuts and fight for another vision of education.

Education Activist Network national conference
Sunday 31st October, King’s College London

Activists, MPs and radical academics discuss the implications of the cuts, the future of education after the Browne review and the alternatives worth fighting for.

Campaign with trade unionists and student activists from across the UK – and learn from struggles in France, Austria and Greece in a forum on resistance in Europe.

With workshops on how to lead strikes and occupations, defend the right to protest, and build fighting unions. Vote on a plan of action and a coordinating committee.


Supporting organisations: National Union of Students, London Region UCU, students’ unions including Manchester, Cambridge, Essex, King’s and SOAS, UCU branches including King’s, LSBU, Manchester, UCL and Uxbridge College, NUS LGBT committee, NUS Black Students’ Campaign, London Met Unison and anti-cuts activist groups.

Registration starts at 10:30am, conference runs from 11am-5:30pm

View the full timetable as a pdf or word document.

Book your place online today!


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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