After next after mass education protest, where next to defeat fees and cuts? Coordinating meeting on Monday

Over 50,000 students and lecturers marched this Wednesday against funding cuts, tuition fees and the abolition of EMA in the biggest education protest since Thatcher’s attempt to introduce fees was defeated in 1985. Thousands of students broke away from the official route to occupy the Tory HQ in Millbank, bringing the spirit of the French and Greek general strikes to the UK.

The protests have been an inspiration to everyone who opposes the Tory cuts. They have also provoked a vicious witch-hunt from the right-wing press, and over 50 demonstrators have already been arrested. Now our movement faces a debate on how to move forward, and an opportunity to build on Wednesday’s success and defend our education from the Con-Dem attacks.

London-wide coordinating meeting
6pm Monday 15th November

King’s College London, Room K4U.12, Strand WC2

with speakers from the demonstration, Millbank protest and across the movement

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About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

4 Responses to After next after mass education protest, where next to defeat fees and cuts? Coordinating meeting on Monday

  1. danny says:

    nice to see my taxes going on wastes of spaces like most of the uni layabouts.

    I suppose more fees equates to less drinking time in the bars…
    get a job you bunch of numpties

  2. danny says:

    welcome to the real world you bunch of dreamers.
    higher cost of living, mcdonalds big macs going up, white lightning, , bus fares…higher utilities, higher fuel, higher prescriptions on way..and oh yes..higher uni fee’s….so what makes you guys a special case????

    sad but true get a grip and accept the increase….you know it makes sense

  3. Liz says:

    Education Activists, you really need a better class of commenter here! (Not these Tory “get a job” drivellers. Unless they’re in the top 10% of earners, which I doubt, it’s them the numpties! After all, why shill for free?)

    You guys here ought to do what the US liberal sites like Democratic Underground do and ban/delete rabid righties/conservative “talking points”.

    Otherwise well done and here’s to future protests: all very heartening! Best wishes from one of the original anti-loan protesters of the 1980s!!

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