Make the 24th November DAY X for the Coalition

The 10th November protest at Millbank has drawn comparisons with the poll tax riot of 31st March 1990. This was followed by a wave of demonstrations at town halls and councils and a civil disobedience campaign of non-payment. By November 1990 the tax had been abolished and Margaret Thatcher had resigned.

We need to ramp up action against the Con-Dem Coalition in the same way now. Let’s turn Wednesday 24th November into DAY X for the Coaliton!


After revelations in the Guardian newspaper showing that the Liberal Democrats planned all along to renege on their promises about tuition fees, we want a day of mass walkouts to converge on a demonstration outside the Lib Dem HQ at 2pm.


This will be followed by an early evening demonstration on Downing Street bringing together students with trade unionists, the unemployed and everyone under attack by the Con-Dems.


The Education Activist Network will hold a press conference at the New Academic Building (LSE) on Monday 15 November at 2pm. The co-ordination meeting for these actions will be taking place at King’s College, London (Strand) on Monday, 15 November at 6pm.

About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

16 Responses to Make the 24th November DAY X for the Coalition

  1. alibi says:

    Good stuff, but far too London-centric. Maybe encourage other towns and cities to congregate on their local Lib Dem offices?

  2. Hi there
    BBC Radio Five Live is keen to interview a couple of students tomorrow mid morning about the Lib Dems policy specifically. Is there a number we can call you on to arrange it ? Thanks very much, Gabriela at BBC Radio Five Live

  3. ps my number is 07949 491271 / 0208 624 9506

  4. Foxy says:

    Feel free to pimp yourselves here.. http://WWW.ANTICUTS.ORG.UK – its nationwide and not just London. Cheers.

  5. Linsay says:

    Hey I’m applying for university next year and I’m disgusted how the lib dems have turned on the students. I think they’re should be a mass country walk out of all students and teachers in protest.

  6. Karlos says:

    I’ve read about occupations of Lib Dem HQ – fine, but elsewhere there is reference to occupying Clegg’s home. That’s going too far – it will crush popular support (already reeling from the fire extinguisher idiot). Occupation – YES, private residences – NO. Even if you can be sure members of Clegg’s family and domestic staff won’t be there, the wider public will not heed that caution.

    To shoot yourselves in the foot. We’ll need our feet to march and protest.

    • alibi says:

      Karlos, the only person I’ve seen mentioning occupying Clegg’s home (which is indeed a ridiculous, pointless and stupid idea) came from a Lib Dem MP….

      Shenanegans at work I would suggest.

  7. James says:

    The Lib Dems HQ is on one of the most heavily guarded roads in the country, at normal times. No one will be able to get near on the 24th, and the police will kettle people in for hours.

    A thousand people plus at various local Lib Dem offices or at weekly constituencies of those MPs who are planning to vote for this across the country in Cambridge, Bristol etc, will be very effective and send a clear message to those MPs.

    • Peter1919 says:

      It would help if you got your fact straight the Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Dr Julian Huppert has clearly stated he will vote against increased fees, even going so far as to resign the NUS pledge recently

      Leeds NW Lib Dem MP Greg Mullholland has also been a leading voice opposing tuition fee rises and has repeatedly said he will be voting against.

      I am sure there are many more Lib Dem MPs that will be sticking by their pledges. If you are going to protest at least target people not already supporting your cause

  8. Sarah says:

    The ordinary Lib Dem members have sent a clear message they are against fees by voting Tim Fallon as their president.

    Alibi – Unlike the Cons and Labour (who started fees) the Lib Dems don’t have offices all over the country.

  9. Paul Sorene says:

    Can someone contact me? I’d like to feature your views on Anorak… Thanks.

  10. Kev says:

    Karlos: Let’s hit the right target. It is individual Liberal MPs who signed the pledge; some are going to honour it other are going to betray us. The Liberal Democrat party is still committed to abolish fees, so an occupation of an individual MP’s office makes more logical sense than the national Liberal HQ. Though I would not advocate any occupation, as I believe it is counter productive. Why not occupy Labour HQ they betrayed a commitment not to increase tuition fees?

  11. bdws says:

    Well said Kev. Blunkett was the education secretary that introduced fees in the first place, Labour betrayed students first and worst (they had large majorities) and have got away with it! Whatever concessions the leadership has unfortunately made to the Tories, party policy is still against fees.

  12. The Bunk says:

    The whining apologists for the Lib Dems will get short shrift from students facing the biggest cuts to further and higher education in living memory. You think it makes it better that “party policy” is against fees when the parliamentary party and sell-out ministers are supporting it? And what about the entire raft of cuts to teaching provision, EMAs etc? Complete nonsense.

    The diversionary tactic of calling for an occupation against Labour would carry some weight if they were in power—but they aren’t! Scuttle back to your yellow Tory leaders…

  13. Sarah says:

    Bunk – whinning apologist for Liebour – and when they were in power what did you do? Nothing!

  14. bdws says:

    bunk – it’s a mistake to vilify all lib dem MPs as many of them will vote against any rise in fees, and are the only remaining MPs to believe in free higher education! yes the leadership has gone the wrong way on this, but to damn the whole party is shooting yourself in the foot.
    labour had 13 years, and betrayed us twice on fees.

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