DAY X: Take action against Con-Dem Cuts, Wed 24th Nov

Coordination and planning meeting for 24th November – Sat 20th November, 6pm SOAS

Up to 250 people attended Monday’s EAN meeting at King’s which discussed the aftermath of the 10 November demonstration and forthcoming plans to keep up the pressure on the Con-Dem coalition. In a packed Edmond J Safra theatre, a lively and wide-ranging discussion took place about the 50 000 strong demonstration and the message it sent that there is significant resistance emerging to the cuts, the occupation of Millbank, the media reaction to this and the victimisation of the students arrested in the aftermath of the occupation.

An important debate took place about the media portrayal of the occupation as a violent and mindless event. There was a clear consensus that the anger expressed at Millbank was part of the wider mood of the demonstration and that significant numbers of staff and students alike are clearly determined to resist attempts to divide this movement by scapegoating those involved in the occupation, or those who have expressed support for it.

There are still important practicalities to discuss for the day of walkouts and protests on the 24th November. Another meeting has been booked for this purpose.


Coordination and planning meeting for 24th November

Sat 20th November, 6pm

SOAS, Thornhaugh St, London WC1H 0XG

Wednesday 24th November: Events on the day

There will be protests, rallies and occupations across the country. We are trying to compile a full list: send details to

Click here for a walkout leaflet you can download and modify.

In addition the following events have been called in London:

11am – Carnival of Resistance, ULU

12am – Rally in Trafalgar Square

1pm – Protest Horseguards Avenue to Parliament Square

2pm – Protest at Lib Dem HQ, 4 Cowley St, SW1P 3NB

Protest at Downing Street

Students and workers unite against the Con-Dem cuts

Assemble from 5pm, Rally at 6pm

Supported by London Region UCU

It is the same Tory and Lib Dem politicians who are raising tuition fees, decimating public services, axing jobs, putting the unemployed in forced labour and “cleansing” the poor with housing benefit cuts. On the evening of Day X, let’s show a united front against a government with no mandate to cut and no mandate to govern.

Defend the Right to Protest: Campaign launch rally

Tuesday 23rd November, 7:30pm
Friends Meeting House (Small Hall), near Euston

Speakers include:

  • John McDonnell, Labour MP (pc)
  • Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary (pc)
  • Arrested student protestors
  • Matt Foot, socialist lawyer (pc)
  • Sean Vernell, UCU NEC (pc)

Called by London Region UCU.
Chaired by Jenny Sutton London Region UCU FE chair (pc).

Click here to download photocopiable leaflet (pdf)


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

6 Responses to DAY X: Take action against Con-Dem Cuts, Wed 24th Nov

  1. Kev says:

    A Labour MP – you’re ‘aving a laf! Labour took away the right to protest.

  2. The Bunk says:

    What an idiot. John McDonnell is a staunch supporter of the right to protest, far more so than any of the unprincipled yellow Tories in the Lib Dems.

  3. Sarah says:

    What an idiot. The whining apologists for the Liebour should get short shrift from students, £5bn wasted on an illegal and immoral war – that could have been spent on education. You think it makes it better that “John McDonnell is a staunch supporter of the right to protest” the parliamentary party and Labour ministers took away our liberties? Complete nonsense.

    • dAvId says:

      Its not time to argue with labour or x y z.

      Its time to assemble our forces and invite all those who can make a difference to this situation.

      The time to say what we think about labour will be at the election.
      now lets get together and fight back till we lose our voices.

  4. Ms Angry says:

    How many vulnerable youn people on benefits will end up on the streets or in brothels because of the cuts to benefits? Education is a right for all not just for the privileged. This government is a disgrace.

  5. Sara Gonzalez says:

    A BBC report based on an analysis of the Higher Education Policy Institute showing that the university fees reform will cost more money to the taxpayer:

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