November 24 – DAY X against the ConDem government


1pm by the University clock tower

Called by Unison


10.45am BU students meet outside the Atrium and march to join AUCB protesters at 11.00.

11:00am Students and teachers from both uni’s will congregate outside AUCB canteen.

11:30am Leave the campus and join up with school and college students Meyrick Park

12noon March from park to Bournemouth Town Hall!


2pm Assemble in Dyke Road Park, just up the road from BHASVIC, march to Churchill Square and end up in Victoria Gardens


11:00 UWE Walkout begins across all campuses

12:00 UoB Walkout begins

12:30 All students (school, college, uni) assemble opposite Senate House, Tyndall Avenue

13:15 March to Wills Memorial Building


11am Bury College Millennium Building

11am Holy Cross College courtyard

Then march on Town Hall


12am Great St. Mary’s Church

Canterbury (UCA)

1.15pm in Canterbury High Street

Canterbury (University of Kent)

11am on lawn in front of library at University of Kent, Canterbury


Demo: 12am in front of Cardiff Uni Main Building

Followed by teach-in

Colchester: Essex Uni

Walk out at 12:30, demonstrate in Square 3

Followed by teach-in

Colchester: Schools and Colleges

11:15 CRGS assemble at the front of the school

11:30 CRGS arrive at Sixth Form College to pick up fellow protestors

11:30 Colchester Institute students meet outside the Sixth Form College

11:45 Protestors go to Town Hall to demonstrate and sign petition.

12:30 Protestors march towards Bob Russell’s constituency office

13:15 Protestors arrive at constituency office delivering petition and demanding meeting.


11:45 Market place and Science Site

March to Palace Green


1pm Bristo Place

1:30pm Bank of Scotland, Tollcross

March to Lib Dem HQ for 2pm


Glas Uni: Walkout 11:45, assemble main gate 12

Strath: McCance building 12

School of Art: SU at 12

City-wide rally 5pm George Square


Walkout at 11am

Assemble 12:30am, Parkinson steps, for march through city


Meet at the Clock Tower 12 noon


11am Liverpool John Moores Uni

12am Liverpool Guild of Students

March to town hall


12am University Place

12am All Saints Park

March to Town Hall


12am in front of Newcastle Uni SU

March to rally at Monument

Followed by teach-in 1:30pm Claremont Tower


Uni: rally at 2pm, teach-in at 4pm


1pm Carfax, Cornmarket St


Rally 1pm University House


12 noon Sheffield Students Union

March to Town Hall!/event.php?eid=166797913352506


12 noon congregate in Red Brick area outside the Students Union Building.

Teesside Uni (Middlesborough)

12 in front of SU

Warwick Uni

Assemble12am Piazza


1:30pm Vanbrugh Paradise


Goldsmiths College

11am in front of main doors with SE London school and college students

Kingston University

1pm Penrhyn Rd Car Park

King’s College London

1pm joint SU & UCU rally outside Strand building

Queen Mary

9:30am Library Square

South Bank

10:30am Keyworth St

University College London

11am, The Quad

University of East London (Docklands)

10:30am University Square

Westminster University


11am Carnival of Resistance

University of London Union

12am Rally at Trafalgar Sq

1pm March from Horseguards Avenue to Parliament Square

2pm Protest at the Lib Dem HQ, 4 Cowley Street


Mass demonstration, Downing St, rally at 6pm


There is a good list at

About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

4 Responses to November 24 – DAY X against the ConDem government

  1. Activictster says:

    Plymouth University – meet 11am outside Library

  2. UCA Maidstone rally/march. Meet at 10:00 at the area you usually enter uni, adjacent car park. Strike/walk-out at 11:00 followed by march into Maidstone at 11:30.

  3. kev says:

    Via Dilke: Journalist – “William Cullerne Bown, has revealed a briefing by Universities UK to Vice-Chancellors which suggests a sizeable rebellion of Lib Dem MPs and even ministers over tuition fees. Of course, any chance of a rebellion stopping a rise in fees depends upon the hypocrisy of the Labour Party, who introduced fees and would put them up if in power.” Not sure it’s a ‘rebellion’ to keep your word to students and party policy.

  4. W Hawn says:

    Mark Bergfeld, spokesman for the Education Activist Network, said: “We have the right to protest, we have the right to civil disobedience, we have the right to occupy our lecture halls.”

    OK – then please let us, the taxpayers who contribute to your education, know in return what you consider your responsibilities to be. If you want to be listened to, then I suggest you let us know your views and suggestions for a way forward on the fees issue in a reasoned, unhectoring and less-confrontational manner. Otherwise you will simply be ignored and probably villified. The sight of students with expensive mobile phones, sipping Starbucks coffee and hailing taxis (all activity I observed a fortnight ago) does not exactly help people have sympathy with your cause.

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