Day X student protests – 3:30pm update

Day X has been an extraordinary success so far, with tens of thousands of university, college and sixth form students protesting up and down the country. Students walked out of classes, marched through town centres and in some cases occupied buildings in protest at government plans to hike fees and scrap vital EMA payments. The protests are young, militant and spirited – an inspiration to all those fighting cuts.

Student protesters, lecturers and all those who support them will be heading to Downing Street from 6pm this evening for a rally with speeches from Jeremy Corbyn MP, Caroline Lucas MP, John McDonnell MP and others.

You can follow our updates on Twitter at @edactivistnet. There’s also rolling coverage on the Guardian website, including an excellent video interviewing college students about why they’re protesting today.

Highlights of the day so far include:

• Thousands of students walked out and converged on Trafalgar Square in central London today. They are currently being kettled by police in Whitehall. The protesters are calling on everyone to come to Whitehall ASAP to show solidarity. There is a rally planned for outside Downing Street this evening.

• A wave of occupations has broken out in universities across the country, often arising out of mass protests. These include University College London, London South Bank University, Birmingham University, Warwick University, Oxford, Strathclyde, Cardiff, Dundee, University of East London, Portsmouth, Leeds. This comes on top of occupations earlier this week at Royal Holloway, SOAS, Manchester Metropolitan and UWE Bristol.

• There have been huge student marches in Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield, Liverpool and many other towns and cities including Brighton, Exeter, Bournemouth, Milton Keynes and Ipswich.

On Sunday 28 November students from around the country will be meeting in Birkbeck College for a national coordination meeting initiated by the Education Activist Network and supported by NCAFC and ULU Student Assembly.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

15 Responses to Day X student protests – 3:30pm update

  1. Geoff Turner says:

    I attended the demonstration in Sheffield today, which was excellent – biggest demonstration since the Iraq War. As a retired university teacher, it is heartening to see so many young people across the UK taking part in demonstrations. Keep it up.
    BBC reporters in London and Cambridge today were trying to sell the line that the “violence” of Nov 10th had put off students from going to London today, leading to relative small demonstrations in London. You couldn’t make it up!

  2. manchester says:

    Manchester in occupation too

  3. Supporter says:

    Hey guys. Well done.

  4. MM says:

    If most of you had got off your drunken, spaced out fat arses and left the student bars for a short while to vote at the last election then you would probably have got the Government you desire. But as most of you couldn’t even be bothered to vote then you have got exactly the Government you desrve. Tough shit.

  5. Yesso says:

    Is there going to be another protest? The first two were a great success but the third needs to be bigger!

    • MM says:

      What were successful? If you call alienting the general public and taxpayers of this country then yeah – they were a great success. Other than that a load screaming school children on a day trip out.

      • Yesso says:

        What was successful was a turnout of 50,000 Students in Millbank getting up and expressing their anger at the thought of paying £9,000 for University fees. While your worried about alienating the ‘public’, I’m not sure what public your talking about and I don’t necessarily care because there is too much at stake to march ‘peacefully’ singing kumbaya my lord with FIT taking pictures of me…

  6. Tom Long. Occupied England says:

    Students of England – our only hope is to start demanding an ENGLISH PARLIAMENT in lieu of the British one destroying our country.

    The Scots and Welsh have their own parliaments and they serve them well – the English are the only country in the world not have their own parliament and we will keep on being shafted ubtil we get our own representation via an English parliament. Start demanding an English Parliament as well as the end of tuition fees and you’ll soon get the British establishment rattled…..

  7. MM says:

    Tom Long

    Shows how much you actually don’t understand about the demographics of the UK. An English Parliament would be totally dominated by Conservative MP’s with the others getting little or no look in. Then you really would be in the shit.

  8. Tom Long. Occupied England says:

    Reply to MM – tuition fees for England were originally brought in by Tony Blair ( a Scot born in edinburgh ) – the majority of English Mps voted against but the vote was swung in favour by Scots MPs even though they knew Scotland was exempt. And you think England is a democracy.

    An ENGLISH parliament could be established on PR – thus the Tories would’nt be dominant especially if labour, lib dems, greens etc had an england only manifesto which they dont at the momnent, even though they have a Scottish and Welsh manifestos.

    Roll on an ENGLISH Parliament – the UNION is dead.

    • MM says:

      So why did we not see protests, student rioting and disorder against the then Labour Government about the introduciton of tuition fees.

      Or arfe these protests actually all about something else ?

  9. MM says:

    Tom Long

    “And you think England is a democracy”

    Did I actually say that?


    How would you ever expect to gain anything at University anyway when you can’t even tell the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Twice in the same paragraph.

    Pathetic that you expect me to pay for you to go on to further education when you have no grasp of basic English.

    “I’m not sure what public your talking about and I don’t necessarily care…”

    You need to get out a bit more. Leave the student bar for once and go speak to the people on the street who work, like me, and pay the taxes for people like you to assume that you have a right to riot on our streets. That’s the public I am talking about and I tell you, you should care because if you lot continue carrying on like you are there will be an almighty backlash from that public – that you ‘don’t necessarily care….’ about.

    • MM says:

      I love it when I win

      • Yesso says:

        LOL What a child! I never had a chance to reply but clearly all you care about is Winning… What a fool… and clearly ‘your’ enough of a dweeb to care about the difference between your and you’re when I know which one is meant to be used in what context… I obviously dont give a crap how I write on this because its just an informal discussion… and I love how you assume that I dont work!
        ‘Your’ (ill keep doing that BTW) the kind of internet nerd that sits on his computer thinking his won an argument… I SHALL NOT EXHAUST ANYMORE OF MY ENGLISH.. UNLETTERED AS IT MAY BE AT TIMES on ‘your’ pitiful games… I happen not to be well off and as such not looking forward to paying £9,000 for Tuition fees therefore I am angry which is why I take to the streets as ONE of the ways to express that. Now get out of here.

      • MM says:


        “I happen not to be well off………”

        Well get a job – you obviously can’t afford University. It’s for the elite.

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