Student Strike, National Coordination

Since the last update the occupations at Cardiff and Birmingham have ended, but a new occupation has begun in Cambridge and attempts to shut the SOAS occupation down have failed. We are now getting reports that occupiers have won serious concessions from management at London South Bank – more soon.

Meanwhile momentum is growing for Day X2: a student strike this Tuesday. Parliament will be debating a motion on university tuition fees, and already a new wave of walkouts and town hall protests is being planned. This makes the national coordination meeting on Sunday more important than ever.

National Student Coordination

12-5pm Birkbeck College, Central London. Initiated by Education Activist Network, supported by ULU student assembly and NCAFC

Who’s going?

We’ve been in occupation since Wednesday following a rally of 200 staff and students on campus. On Friday we’ve called a demo outside a meeting where the VC is to make an anouncement about cuts at our Uni. I’ll be at the meeting on Sunday along with other delegates from our occupation to link up with people who are occupying in other cities and coordinate our strategy.

– Rhys, UEL occupier

I’m a student at Newcastle Uni, where around 70 of us are in occupation in protest against the ConDem government’s plans for higher education. We will fight this government of millionaires and we will fight to win. We stand in solidarity with all other students in occupation around the country and we stand in solidarity with workers, pensioners, the unemployed and all those who will affected by these unnecessary and ideological cuts. Now we need to organise together, to put up united resistance. I hope to see you on Sunday!

– Jonny, Newcastle occupier

We have been coordinating our actions with other groups in occupation around the country. This occupation is now an indefinite arrangement, with a delegation to be sent down to London on Sunday for the National Coordination Meeting. We’re looking ahead to the national day of protest on Tuesday and call on all students, both at university and college, to come out again to show support for the movement and to stand strong in the face of the coalition government. Through unity we believe we can achieve our aims.

– from the Manchester Occupation press release

On Day X this country saw the beginning of a new era for the student movement. Not only did tens of thousands of university students walk out in protest over the coalition’s attack on our education, but they were joined by thousands more high school students and college across the country. A mass mobilisation of young people has not been seen on this scale for years, and the whole country has been taken aback by the actions of a previously dormant layer of society.

“Out of the classroom and onto the streets” was the motto of the day at my college in Bury where two colleges came together and 1200 students marched on the town hall. For many people at our protest, it was their first demonstration and this was mirrored across the country, as students, furious with the lies of Nick Clegg and the attempts by the tories to decimate our education, took to the streets to show their fury. However after reviewing the news reports, looking through the facebook photos and generally congratulating ourselves on a hugely successful day of action, the most important task is yet to come.

We must ask ourselves how we can translate the experiences of yesterday into a long term plan of action, we need to not only engage with those who joined us walking out on the 24th, but appeal to a broader set of students who perhaps didn’t have the confidence to demonstrate yesterday. In short we need to ask the question – “Where next?”
The Education Activist Network is building towards national coordination in the student movement, the start of which we saw yesterday. It is imperative that the college students and the school students, who walked out on the 24th, are involved in the process of expanding our networks and sharing experiences and ideas, which can help bring the student movement together and crucially move it forward.

The Education Activist Network is holding a day of National Student Coordination on 28th November, and extends an open invitation to all universities, colleges and high schools that walked out across the country to send delegates to share our experiences and discuss the vital question “Where next for the student movement?”

– Samir Hinks, Bury College student

Student Strike

Day X2 – Tuesday 30th November

Event for school/college students

Event for uni students


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

8 Responses to Student Strike, National Coordination

  1. Eat The Rich says:

    Dudes you’ve got to be smarter. Stop announcing the start and intended destination in advance. Think about a route that’s difficult to kettle. Have multiple start points.

    What I am saying is use the element of surprise. Where is the last place they would expect you to demonstrate? Get people to turn up in 2s and 3s not a big long march. Use the tube!

    Otherwise you will get kettled at the first conveninet place for the police.

  2. Grind London To A Halt says:

    Guys excellent protests so far but next time can you try and do a sit down protest in the street. The Government will only take your plight seriously when they have no option but too.

    Right now they can ignore the destruction of of a few building etc but they categorically could not ignore thousands of people sitting, linking arms and blocking the streets of central london. If you can grind as much of the capital to a halt as possible and do not move until your issues are addressed the Government will be forced to act.

    I’m so glad the youth are pissed off about this but if you truly want to make a change you must hold the government at gun point and fight fire with fire. The public would support you!

  3. MM says:

    UK Students – The biggest hypocrites on the earth.

    You protest against the Iraq and Afgahan conflicts (quite rightly I would say) on the basis that violence solves nothing. Yet you advocate violent disorder to achieve your own aims. Your morals are no better than the Government of the day. You have lost my support completely.

  4. Micheal Duffy says:

    I am slightly concerned about the weather on Tuesday! I hope this will not affect or stop people from coming out to protest? Have you taken this into consideration?

    • MM says:

      I hope the weather fucks up your plans completely. In fact I hope you all set off for your destinations and get stranded in the wilderness with no food, water or bogs. I’ll enjoy watching it in Sky News.

    • MM says:


      “I am slightly concerned about the weather on Tuesday! I hope this will not affect or stop people from coming out to protest? Have you taken this into consideration?”

      Give God a call I am sure he’ll delay the snowfall so that you can instigate your riotous disorder. Of course the shitty weather will stop people coming out to protest you idiot. It’s your level of intellect that supports the notion that not everyone can cut it at University. University needs intellegent people not morons. People like you should pay at least £19,000 pa not £9,000.

  5. DD says:

    First point I would like to agree with Eat the Rich, if we have multiple starting points at the same time it will be harder to kettle us and they will have to justify the resources. Smaller groups but more widespread. Hopefully Micheal, the weather won’t deter the protest. I think people feel strongly enough about this cause.

    Second point to MM, I want to ignore and bypass your small minded comment but I will say this: Clearly you are in no position to judge someone elses intellect. Your small minded ignorance is stereotyping students when infact you are referring to the hi-jacking groups of anarchists. A bit like how YOU are hijacking this student website with your angry uninformed remarks, anarchists are both unwelcomed and irritating at a protest. What are you doing on here anyway? Please tell me you have something better to do. Maybe you should look into education yourself it may help you distinguish facts and develop your mind so you can structure a more informed arguement.

  6. MD says:

    How long have you been sitting on that one?
    You speak of intellect when you are obviously unable to fully comprehend what it was I was trying to say, it was merely an observation.
    The fact that you have changed your beliefs based on the acts of a few says an awful lot about you. Your ignorance precedes you.
    You speak with such aggressive language and yet you condemn those few for their aggresion. You appear to be in complete contradiction with yourself.
    The fact that you are so frivolous with your opinions reinforces the notion of how fickle society is as a whole.
    And please do watch sky new, you will feel quite at home with their uninformed bias press coverage.
    By the way thanks DD

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