DAY X – Fees vote on Thursday 9th Dec


nationwide day of action on the eve of the vote, supported by NUS & UCU

Thursday: national march on Parliament

Assemble ULU, Malet St, at 12 noon

This government has launched an unprecedented attack on the right to education, with devastating university and college cuts, the rolling out of academies and “free schools” and plans to abolish the Education Maintenance Allowance. On Thursday, Parliament will vote on increasing the cap on university tuition fees to £9000 a year.

Students have shown inspiring resistance throughout the month of November and this is having an effect. Even Vince Cable, a minister responsible for drafting the tuition fees bill, does not know how he will vote. This shows the weakness of the government over this issue – but abstentions will not be enough to stop the bill. We need to take to the streets again in greater numbers than ever, to press home our advantage and defeat this attack on the right to education.

The fight against tuition fees is a fight for everyone. Now students are calling on workers to join them in protest on the day of the vote. This Thursday, all roads lead to Parliament.
Join the event:

Click here to download a leaflet for the demonstration (pdf)


Use this pledge to organise a walkout


Use this petition to win support and raise money


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

4 Responses to DAY X – Fees vote on Thursday 9th Dec

  1. Everything plus the kitchen sink needs to be thrown at the 8th.

  2. Too bad, the march goes to NUS rally and to vigil. No stopping at Parliament Square or Trafalgar Square. You have truly been screwed. Do not bother attending the march unless you want to go to the NUS candlelit vigil.

  3. Ram Pandit says:

    Stay safe everyone – look out for each other and keep moving!

  4. Paul Odtaa says:

    The next stage in the fight is to try and bring the coalition down.

    I would suggest trying to get a petition of 10% of the electorate in every LibDem constituency asking for a recall for a breach of promise. That is if a politician lied , then the voters should be able to remove him or her.

    This should be linked with a campaign on the non-coalition parties to propose an alternative.

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