We support the students!

Our students are fighting to defend education for all— join them!

Statement initiated by UCU London Region

University of London Union and UCU London Region have called a demonstration on Thursday 9th December, the day Parliament debates the raising of the cap on tuition fees, to add support to the mass lobby of Parliament called by UCU and NUS.

The student movement has inspired all those who wish to defend education for all. If the Coalition government get away with raising tuition fees and cutting EMA it will deny access to Further and Higher Education making it the preserve of the very wealthy.

By taking to the streets in their tens of thousands, students have broken the idea that cuts are inevitable. They have exposed the government as weak and demonstrated that they can be stopped from wrecking people lives.

As student placards have stated: “We did not cause this crisis – why should we pay for it?”

We are calling upon the trades union movement and community organisations across London to come and join the students fighting for all of our futures.

Signed (all in a personal capacity):

Jeremy Corbyn MP; Caroline Lucas MP; John Hendy QC; Michael Rosen; John Holloway; John Pilger; John McDonnell MP; Paul Mackney (former General Secretary NATFHE- now in UCU), Coalition of Resistance Steering Cttee; Zita Holbourne, PCS NEC and Joint Chair, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARACY UK); Barry Todman Chairman London Region National Pensioners Convention

Jim Wolfreys, UCU NEC; Tom Hickey, UCU NEC; Malcolm Povey, UCU NEC; Jane Hardy, UCU NEC; Mark Campbell, UCU NEC; Maeve Landman, UCU NEC; Sean Vernell, UCU NEC; Richard McEwan, UCU NEC; James Eaden, UCU NEC; Laura Miles, UCU NEC; Dave Gibson, UCU NEC; John Murphy, UCU NEC; Alison Gander, UCU NEC; Phil Flanders, UCU Branch Secretary, City of Westminster College; Dr Carlos Frade, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Salford;

Professor Mike Cole; Pete Hick, UCU Campaigns Officer, Manchester Metropolitan University; Professor Philip Marfleet, University of East London; Peter Hallward, Professor of Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University; Sheila Cullen Brighton UCU; Dr James Woodcock, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University; Darren Bradshaw union learning rep Blackpool and the Fylde college; Tony Sullivan UCU Branch Sec London College of Fashion – UAL; Adrian Budd, LSBU UCU Secretary

Kirstie Paton, President, Greenwich NUT; Martin Powell-Davies, NUT National Executive member for Inner London; Michael Davern, Joint Secretary Southwark NUT; Bridget Chapman, Vice-president Lambeth NUT; Sally Kincaid Divisional Sec Wakefield and District NUT; Ian Murray, Sandwell NUT Gen Secretary; Martin Spafford, George Mitchell School; Rosemary Marie Wilson, Governor Park View School; Paul Power, NUT Rep Park View School; Sara Tomlinson, Joint Secretary, Lambeth NUT; Ray Sirotkin, Joint Secretary Lambeth NUT; Islington NUT; Ealing NUT; Jess Edwards, Lambeth NUT assistant secretary; Bridget Chapman, Vice President Lambeth NUIT; Martin Krawczyszyn, NUT rep Arch Bishop Tennison school; Damon Delstrouther, NUT rep, Loughborough School; Toby Cadoux NUT rep, Dunraven School Lambeth; Sheila McGregor, NUT rep Central Foundation Girls’ School; Paul Drake, Treasurer, Lambeth NUT;

Sam Turner,UNISON member & socialist; Steven Ellis, Deputy Convenor Environment & Customer Services Ealing UNISON; Martin Sleath, Branch Secretary Nottinghamshire County UNISON; Richard Buckwell, Secretary Notts Trades Council/ UNISON Local Government Service Group Executive; Tony Phillips, Branch Secretary London Fire Authority UNISON; Tony Barnsley, Joint Assistant Branch Secretary Sandwell UNISON; Tim Sneller, Chair Southend UNISON; Helen Davies, Branch Chair Barnet UNISON; Arthur Nicoll, Service and Conditions rep, Dundee City UNISON; Rory Malone, Branch Secretary, Dundee City UNISON; Luke Henderson, SFC convenor, City of Edinburgh UNISON; Phoebe Watkins, Joint Branch Chair, Camden UNISON; Rachel Edwards, PCS Group Organiser DTLG & Government Offices; John McLoughlin, Branch Secretary Tower Hamlets UNISON; Sandy Nicoll, Branch Secretary SOAS UNISON, Chair Greater London Region Higher Education Committee; Duncan Smith, Branch Chair, City of Edinburgh UNISON; Jon Woods, Branch Chair, Portsmouth City UNISON; Mike Williams, International Offficer, Rhonda Cynon Taf UNISON; Karen Tyre, UNISON rep, Vale of Glamorgan Council; Nick Gould, Unison steward, Mike Killian and 10 other Unison members, Mcr City Council; Claire Wormald, Branch secretary southend Unison branch local government; Paul Burnham, Unison member; Karen Tyre, UNISON rep, Vale of Galmorgan council; Andrew Cunningham, Communications officer, Manchester Metropolitan Uni branch; Jacqui Freeman, SOAS UNISON; Rob Jackson, Camden Unison steward; Cath Lewis, Leicester UNISON; Matthew Raine, Secretary Birmingham University UNISON; Toni Mayo, North Somerset UNISON; Roger Lewis, Shop Steward, Lambeth UNISON; Jim Board, Branch Secretary Doncaster UNISON; Liz Wheatley, Deputy Convenor Housing, Camden UNISON; Lydia Burke, Unison; Beverly Carberry, Unison; Jordan Rivera, Unison; Maggie Falshaw, Unison; Andy Ridley, Unison; Nick Ruff, Branch Chair, Kirklees UNISON; Sam O’Brien, Commumications Officer Rochdale Local Government Branch; City of Plymouth UNISON; Anne Drinkell, Branch Secretary London PCTs branch UNISON; Allen A Reilly, branch secretary, South West London Community Health UNISON; Elane Heffernan, Newham UNISON

Tom Taylor, L&SE Regional Secretary; Clive Bryant PCS L&SE Regional Chair; Steve West. PCS DWP GEC; Anna Owens, Branch Secretary, PCS HMRC Euston Tower; Dave Owens, Vice Chair PCS North West region, PCS DWP GEC; Sue Bond, National Vice President PCS; Geoff Dexter, PCS Midlands; Regional Learning organizer; Jon Bigger, PCS Branch Secretary, London and South Branch, Identity and Passport Group; Julian Sharpe, Chair, PCS ECGD Branch; Dave Putson, PCS London Courts branch; Branch Executive Committee, PCS Central London Valuation; Chitra Karanjai, PCS ECGD Branch Executive Committee;

Gill George, Unite Executive Council; Richard Allday, chair, London and Eastern Road Transport and Logistics Ind. Sector C’tee of Unite; Steven Rae UNITE Staff Rep, Lothian NHS; Brett Davis, Unite; Stephen Hack, Unite; Keith Chadwick, Vice President Burnley, Unite

Mark Dolan, Area Delivery Rep North London, CWU North/North West London;

The Right to Work Campaign; Paul Brandon, chair Right to Work campaign;

Keith Flett, Chair, Haringey TUC; Jon Gamble, Secretary Watford TUC; Malcolm Wallace, Chelmsford TUC; Steve Wilkins, Secretary, Medway Trades Union Council; David Hughes, President Birmingham TUC; Jeremy Guise, Assistant Secretary, Plymouth TUC

Nathan Levy: Dr Kambiz Boomla; Deni Kittay; Andy Bain; Camilla Howalt; Charlie Dowthwaite; John Ledger; Jan Marriott; Sasha Simic, USDAW Shop Steward, Central Books, London; James Nowlan; Pauline McArdle; Sabby Sagall; Frank Barat; Jim Fagan, Waltham Forrest Keep Our NHS Public; Birgitte Charles; Dr Kirti Shah

Megan Trudell, NUJ; Fran Cetti, NUJ; Andrew Burnyeat, NUJ; Ian Taylor, NUJ London Magazine branch

Gary McFarlane, NUJ London Magazine branch; Christian Hill, NUJ South Yorkshire; Dave Crouch, NUJ; Nicola Fields, NUJ; Adam Di Charia, NUJ

Anyone wishing to sign should email: sean.vernell@yahoo.co.uk

About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

3 Responses to We support the students!

  1. Baerbel Holland says:

    Our son startet Uni this September.The proposed increase in tuition fees is a disgrace.So many people,especially students voted for the Liberals and Nick Clegg on the promises he made during the Election.The increase will affect people like us, not the poor or the rich.
    A minority from poorer backgrounds go to University, so who will benefit from the proposal for those? I think Nick Clegg has just managed to put another nail in his coffin.
    Hope he enjoys his time as Deputy PM, it is not going to last.
    I fully support the students.

  2. John Budis says:

    Solidarity from Tower Hamlets UCU. We’re all fighting for our future…and that future is today.

  3. Paul Bibby says:

    I fully support the students on every peaceful protest up and down the country. I am dissappointed I have not been able to join them.

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