2011 – The struggle continues

Happy New Year to all Education Activist Network supporters!

In the closing months of 2010 a movement developed that has the Coalition government shaken. The Liberal Democrats have been almost wiped out in the opinion polls by student protests. Opposition to tuition fees is now so widespread that David Cameron has created a special post for Simon Hughes to combat the “misinformation” that could deter poorer students from going to university. This is the desperate act of a government that knows it has lost the argument.
Their determination to push through regardless – increasing tuition fees and closing the EMA to new applicants – must now be matched by our determination to step up the fight in 2011. Further occupations are expected as universities prepare to announce their new tuition fees, and FE students will be protesting to defend EMA in January. And on Saturday 29th January major demonstrations in Manchester and London will be a chance for students and workers to come together in greater numbers than ever to demand the right to education.

But before all that, join us this Friday for a special protest on Nick Clegg’s birthday!

Nick Clegg’s birthday bash
Friday 7th January, London
Assemble 4pm Trafalgar Square for poetry with Lemn Sissay and a special message from Captain Ska, then march on the Liberal Democrats HQ to give Nick his birthday present.
https://educationactivistnetwork.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/cleggs-bday.pdf <– click here to download a flyer/poster
Taking back education: what we want and how we can get it
Tuesday 18th January, London
A meeting to discuss the next steps. Speakers include Professor Terry Eagleton, campaigning journalist Laurie Penny, Alfie Meadows and voices from the trade unions and student protests.

Day X for EMA
Wednesday 26th January, Nationwide

National Demonstrations: The struggle continues…
Saturday 29th January, London & Manchester
Also supported by UCU, NCAFC and in Manchester by TUC and PCS youth network

National Assembly for Education
Sunday 30th January, London


The Education Activist Network is an alliance of student activists and trade unionists fighting against tuition fees and funding cuts and for another vision of education. We have no government grants or corporate sponsors, but rely on the support we receive from ordinary people and trade union branches. The demonstrations, conferences and events that we organise are only possible with this support – and every donation makes a difference.

Use this link to donate to the EAN:


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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