Teach-in to build the resistance – Wednesday 16th March

Education Activist Network

Teach-in for the resistance

Wednesday 16 March 4-8pm

King’s College London and London School of Economics

After the increase in tuition fees and abolition of EMA, a mass demonstration on 26 March could reinvigorate the fight for education – as could a lecturers’ strike, and protests and student action on Budget Day. But our movement also faces new challenges.

Universities have accepted blood money from dictators and invested heavily in the arms trade. Multiculturalism is under attack by those who would divide and undermine our movement, and students have been the target of horse charges, dawn raids, pepper spray and kettling for daring to protest for education.

Join students, education workers, academics, journalists and campaigners to debate the challenges facing our movement and the strategies to overcome them.

4pm – The fight for Education – Learning from Wisconsin – LSE SU Underground

Live video link-up with student and teacher from Wisconsin. Doors open 3:30pm

5pm Workshops

  • Defending the Right to Protest (KCL)

Hosted by Stop Kettling Our Kids and Defend the Right to Protest – includes Alfie Meadows, arrested student Bryan Simpson, campaigning lawyer Matt Foot and Emma Norton from Liberty

  • The role of social media in the movement (KCL)

Panel debate with Laurie Penny (journalist), Richard Seymour (blogger) and Aaron Peters (UK Uncut)

  • Defending Multiculturalism (KCL)

Don’t let David Cameron divide us! With Liz Fekete, Institute for Race Relations and Martin Smith, Love Music Hate Racism

  • Sleaze, Spooks and Saif Gaddafi: Can we make our universities ethical? (LSE SU Underground)

With LSE occupier Lukas Slothuus, journalist Simon Basketter and Hesham Zakai from KCL Action Palestine

6:30pm Rally – KCL Lucas Theatre

March 26th – Building for our Day of Anger


  • Billy Hayes CWU General Secretary
  • Fightback author Guy Aitchinson
  • Egyptian revolution eyewitness Wassim Wagdy
  • Lois Clifton LSESU Environment & Ethics officer-elect
  • Jim Wolfreys King’s College London UCU
  • Krishna Sivakumaran, UCL student, Day X for the NHS
  • Mark Bergfeld NUS NEC.

Download a posterand leaflet for the event that you can print, copy and distribute – and don’t forget to join the event on Facebook.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

One Response to Teach-in to build the resistance – Wednesday 16th March

  1. Jason says:

    On the 9th March 2011 Manchester City Council is having its budget meeting to vote for £109 million worth of cuts. Unions and user groups are lbbying and protesting- would it be possible for walkouts or another Day X even if just in Greater Manchester to be organised to walk out and have mass demo outside and inside the Town Hall?

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