A student from Greenwich Philosophy Department reports…

A student from Greenwich Philosophy reports

Since yesterday the 19/04/11 at approximately 14:00 hours a number of protesters at the Universityof Greenwich stormed into King William  building and occupied the corridor outside of Professor Finklestein’s office in an attempt to save philosophy atGreenwich.  A number of students however, were prevented from occupying and denied access.  Security has effectively locked anyone else out who wishes to support the occupation although will let people leave on  the grounds that they will not come back. 

The situation as it stands is pretty bleak. The staff including professor Finklestein have avoided coming into work today to avoid those protesters who wish to discuss the demise of philosophy and the ramifications thereafter  with her. Meanwhile the security who have constantly monitored the students had boarded up the only window where they could use to get reception on their phones or any food. The vice facilities manager has also told the students that they are unable to charge their phones and laptops as it amounts to stealing electricity and at one point a student was denied access the toilet which he had locked until one of the occupants stated that this was not permitted by the degrading treatment of the Human Right act.

The  university has decided not to recruit students for the course in 2011/2012 and  the students are angry about not being put onto the agenda for the academic planning committee on the 5th of May. Thus far they have held a number of protests outside theUniversity ofGreenwich and a substantial number of people including the British Philosophy Association have emailed Finklestein personally appealing against the decision.

The Save Greenwich  Philosophy Campaign has racked up over 2000 signatures  signed by the likes of A.G. Grayling and Noam Chomsky and nearly 600 Face book members. The campaign’s manifesto states they are fighting for education for the sake of education and that cutting the Philosophy BA at an institution such asGreenwichis a step towards broadening the socio-economic gap. Humanities subjects such as Philosophy should be available to all, not just those who can afford them.

To  contact  the Save Greenwich Philosophy Campaign their email is savephilosophyatgreenwich@googlemail.com


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