No Ifs No Buts by Verbal Terrorists

This is the first single taken from Verbal Terrorists’ forthcoming second album, The War On Terra.
No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts
No more buying lies from these evil fucks
No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts
No surrender no retreat not me, not us
No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts
No rotten politician can speak for us
No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts
No surrender, no retreat, not me, not usVerse 1
Clegg claims we haven’t read up he thinks that we’re fools
You patronising fuck you’re the one whose ignorant dude
You think 50 grand of debt wouldn’t influence you?
And it’s not just the money it’s the principle too
Why should the next generation pay for your crisis
While big business dodge tax and evade the law like this
They talk of fairness everyone’s feeling the squeeze
A cabinet of millionaires who got free degrees
They say the recession was made by irresponsible debt
So what’s the government done in response to this threat?
Charge the students more leave the poor wanting instead
Solving debt with more debt’s an incompetent bet
And that’s not the only reason I despise the policy
Cos it’s not right to treat knowledge like commodity
Anger in streets the press can’t describe it properly
Calling petty vandalism violence, honestly?
Regarding police as the divine authority
I saw them charge with horses but they deny atrocities
It’s no surprise and yet it rightly bothers me
That we value human life less than private property
It’s 1984 spreading like a virus
Having de ja vu cos we got striking minors
From the schools not the pits a frightening likeness
Students and workers unite and fight beside us!


Verse 2
Once more, rich bailed out by the poor
Lopsided cuts bringing us through class war
Queen’s subjects with nuff debts are taxed more
Than the rich fat cats who dodge through the back door
Look at Tesco, registered in Britain alone
But with Seven Sister companies out in Monaco
The cost of the cuts to the DSS
Could be covered by the unpaid debts of Vodafone
That knob from Topshop knows what’s what
Got the whole lot boxed off
It’s got me mad distressed cos he cashed a cheque
For over a billion quid and wasn’t taxed a cent
It’s like they’ve got the game theory on lock
So the strategy is spanners in imperial cogs
Boycott big chains burn the big 3 and rise up
It’s high time we wise up


Verse 3
I’m sick of living off crumbs from a table we have made
From the bread that we have baked using wheat that we have raised
Now they’re putting up funds and taking our EMA
We want to save jobs but don’t forget that we are slaves
See we put in the hard work they just pocket the funds
So I’m in the streets shouting at the top of me lungs
We’re claiming them back from these opulent scum
I’m plotting not stopping nothin’ till we topple these cunts
This one’s for the mums, the students and the migrants as well
It’s rich two toffs telling us to tighten our belts
Say goodbye to our jobs and goodbye to our health
Might as well tighten the noose on kids bright with no wealth
Does smashing windows constitute actual violence?
I’ll tell you what the real fucking staggering crime is
We pay a grand a week for Cameron’s stylist
Is your tax misspent? Cos I’m adamant mine is
No money for our schools but we can pay for our troops
Disgracing our youth with lies that are played on the news
It’s blatant abuse they’re manipulating the truth
About police brutality won’t engage with the proof
My lyrics laced with fury but I’m staying astute
Gracing the booth with the pain of kids facing the boot
From the dirty pigs they’re the real thugs on the streets


released 31 May 2011
Lyrics: Nobull; Drop Dead Fred
Production: Truescribe
Mixing/Mastering: Mr. Blazey

About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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