EAN Newsletter 16/06/11

EAN Newsletter – 16/06/11 — Please circulate


  1. EAN organising meeting
  2. Unite the Resistance Forum
  3. UCU and UNISON Strike at London Met
  4. Strike for our future – Strike the Streets on June 30
  5. Defend the Right to Protest
  6. Best of the EAN in the press
  7. Best of the EAN on the web
  8. Calendar and links

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As the ballot results from the NUT, ATL and PCS were announced millions of people in this country must have rejoiced due to the high turnout and ‘yes’ vote in the teaching and public sector unions.

June 30 could be a turning point in the struggle against austerity in as much as November 10 and the occupation of Millbank raised the flag of resistance, and March 26 showed the mobilization power of the trade unions. And indeed, a massive turn has come this week with General Secretary Dave Prentis starting to talk about bringing UNISON out on strike in the autumn.

But for now, educationalists, FE, school and university students have to turn June 30 into a day of mass resistance making sure that schools and colleges are shut down all over this country. At some FE colleges and schools, students will be walking out the day before and joining their teachers and lecturers on the picket lines on the day. In other places, university students have planned occupations for the day linking the issues of youth and graduate unemployment to the issue of pensions. At Leeds Met, PhD students and part-time teachers are launching an EAN group in order to build actions for the strike (see calendar).

Yet, there are flash points up and down the country which highlight the need for a network such as EAN which links educationalists and students in a joint way. Whether it’s the strike at London Met on June 22, the new heights of the police crackdown on our campuses, or the campaign against the AC Grayling’s New College of Humanities, student-worker solidarity and unity in action is key now more than ever.

  1. EAN organising meeting

On June 18, the Education Activist Network will be holding an organising meeting at Birkbeck College from 12-5pm. Everyone who wants to get involved in the network’s activity, broaden and deepen its scope is invited to participate.

Activists from the Green Party, Woodcraft Folk, UK Uncut, UCU, UNISON, NUS and various Students’ Unions and anti-cuts groups will be coming to discuss, organise and build

–          Strike for our future on June 30

–          AC Grayling and the NewCollege of Humanities

–          Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference in Manchesteron Sunday October 2nd

–          National EAN Conference on Saturday October 29th

For more information or questions on the organising meeting please e-mail educationactivist@gmail.com

  1. Unite the Resistance Forum on June 22

A number of trade unionists, anti-cuts groups, and other organisations such as the Education Activist Network have initiated a large public rally in the Friends’ Meeting House in London (173 Euston Rd, NW1 2BJ (opposite Euston station) on June 22 at 6.30pm.

This meeting will bring everyone together who is opposed to this vicious government and wants to fight it tooth and nail. The Education Activist Network is calling upon everyone in London to join this meeting.

Speakers include: Mark Serwotka, Gen Sec PCS; Kevin Courtney, Dep Gen Sec NUT; Tony Benn; Sean Vernell, UCU NEC; Barry Lovejoy UCU

full list of supporters: http://bit.ly/mTckZI

for twitter: www.twitter.com/uniteresist

for facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=199989953376359

  1. UCU and UNISON Strike at London Met

As London Met is being hit with 70% to jobs and courses, UCU and UNISON will be striking on June 22. The Education Activist Network has succeeded in building a massive solidarity movement with local struggles. Let’s make this one as well and all get down to London Met, or show our support

See the poster below for more details:


For messages of solidarity email UNISON: unisonlondonmet@googlemail.com or

UCU: lmuucu@devisland.net or London Met Student Union: su@londonmet.ac.uk

See here for details of day of action:


For more info on the strike: https://educationactivistnetwork.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/an-appeal-from-max-watson-unison-nec-pc-and-chair-of-london-met-unison-branch/

  1. Strike for our future – Strike the Streets on June 30

On June 30, up to a million workers across the country will be striking in defense of their pensions. The Education Activist Network is calling upon all students, teachers and educationalists to strike the streets together, and turn J30 into a day of rage and anger against the Tory-led coalition.

Pensions are not some add-on benefit. They are a hard-won right that everyone should be entitled to. In France, the dispute over pensions saw thousands of school, FE and University students blockade their institutions, and raise the slogan ‘Today’s students are tomorrow’s pensioners’. Here, we need to make sure that June 30 is a step of escalation leading on from March 26 when half a million trade unionists, pensioners, unemployed and disabled activists took it to the streets.

The events in Spain and Greece show that this could be a year of European revolt. Play your part and strike the streets of London on June 30!

Strike the Streets of London demonstration leaflet

Strike the Streets National leaflet

List of local demonstrations across the country

  1. Defend the Right to Protest

Last week, the court hearings of Alfie Meadows, Bryan Simpson and other students shown that the police and the state are intent on dividing our movement. When earlier this week, 4 students (and EAN supporters) were arrested when they protested against Universities Minister David Willetts at SOAS campus, an already strong movement strengthened itself by calling an impromptu #solidarity demonstration at the police station.

Here are two links. A short piece by Nina Power on the court hearings and a petition initiated by the EAN.

A short piece by Nina Power on the initial hearings: https://educationactivistnetwork.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/brief-reflections-on-the-court-charges-of-9th-10th-june-by-nina-power/

Drop the charges against SOAS protesters: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dropsoascharges/

  1. Best of the EAN in the press

Grayling faces a campaign of disruption over private college: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23957838-grayling-faces-campaign-of-disruption-over-private-college.do

  1. Best of the EAN on the web:

Profile pic on strike red: https://educationactivistnetwork.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/profile_pic-on-strike.jpg

Defend the Right to Protest Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ0cMhUM9AM

Smoke bomb let off at Grayling lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCrLvb3SE-o

Interview with Egyptian lecturer on campus struggles in Cairo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB9qhwq36zs

  1. Calendar


Friday 17 – Leeds EAN Launch



Saturday 18 – EAN Organising Meeting



Sunday 19 – ESOL FESTS IN LONDON https://educationactivistnetwork.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/esol-festivals-in-london-this-weekend/

Tuesday 22 – London Met Strike and Sounds of Resistance




Please make sure to send all reports, photos, etc to educationactivist@gmail.com so we can include them on the blog and newsletter


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The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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