Fund CUNY not Wall Street – Report from New York

Mary Clinton who is a CUNY Union Semester graduate student at the Murphy Institute for Worker Education, reports exclusively from New York where students and workers are camping out ín Lower Manhattan.

She writes:

“The past two nights, close to one hundred residents of New York have slept out on the public sidewalks to protest Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget. After fighting with the police for our right to assemble and being relocated several times, the occupation continues on in front of 250 Broadway, where Budget hearings occur throughout the week.

The City University of New York (CUNY) already faces close to $100 million in cuts from the state and Bloomberg’s Budget further devastates the city’s only public higher education institution. It is yet another attack on students, who not only face rising tuition rates and fees, but enter into a dismal job market upon graduation. Student loan debt in America is set to reach $1 trillion by the end of this year and has already surpassed credit card debt.

Beyond slashing funding for public higher education, the budget cuts also include closing firehouses, laying off 6,100 teachers, and cutting funding for daycares, senior citizen community centers, libraries, and after-school programs. Meanwhile, the millionnaire’s tax is set to expire and financial institutions like Bank of America get away with paying no taxes.

There’s plenty of money in New York. The People’s Budget, proposed by the Beyond May 12th Coalition, demands the rich and corporations pay their fair share to increase revenue necessary to address our needs.”

For more on the people’s fight against the budget cuts, check out and keep up to date on Bloomberville occupation at






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One Response to Fund CUNY not Wall Street – Report from New York

  1. Isham says:

    We are the citizens of Bloombergville. And we will not stop until the budget is dead. We accept no cuts. The struggle is alive.

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