Press Release – Strike action means direct action: Strike the Streets on June 30


On June 30, up to a million workers across the country will be striking in defense of their pensions. The Education Activist Network is calling upon all students, teachers and educationalists to strike the streets together, and turn J30 into a day of rage and anger against the Tory-led coalition.
On March 24, when UCU members went on strike, students stood shoulder to shoulder by occupying buildings, walking out and visiting picket lines and organising strike festivals. The Education Activist Network is building for these kinds of mass solidarity actions across the country.
Thomas Gardner who just finished college at Bexley Grammar:
‘This is a time for students and workers to stand together against the vicious attacks on education, pensions and jobs. We are calling on all students to join the strike.’
‘On June 30, my friends and I will be standing in solidarity with our striking teachers. We will visit picket lines and march together against this illegitimate coalition.’

The Education Activist Network has been leafleting at schools and colleges, calling on all students to walk out, occupy and join the demonstrations by teachers and public sector workers. The slogan ‘Strike for our future’ has started to unite teachers and students across the board.

NUT National Executive member, Nick Grant said:
‘We call on everyone who is angry about the unjustified attacks on public services and its workforce to join us on the day at a march and rally from Lincolns Inn Fields, Holborn at 11.30am to go via Whitehall to Westminster for a rally.’
‘This is a fight for the future of properly funded and accountable public services. And it is a fight which is only just beginning.’

For many activists the question is how these strikes relate to the wider struggle against the cuts and austerity.

Mark Bergfeld from the NUS NEC and Education Activist Network said: ‘The events at Millbank on November 10 raised the flag of resistance against austerity in Britain, the TUC demo on March 26 showed that we can march together in our hundreds of thousands. June 30 will show that if we fight we can win!
‘Greece and Spain have shown the way, June 30 will be another step toward a general strike’

June 30 will be a day of mass resistance against austerity and the Education Activist Network will aim to unite students and workers on picket lines, demonstrations and in acts of civil disobedience.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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