Press release: Egyptian revolutionary to address PCS picket line at Euston Tower on June 30 at 9.30am

Egyptian revolutionary to address PCS picket line at Euston Tower on June 30 at 9.30am

‘Our resistance is as global as these attacks’, says Mark Bergfeld in advent of June 30.

The Education Activist Network is calling on students to join striking workers from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at their picket line which by Kamal Abu Aita, the president of the property tax collectors’ union RETAU, will address at Euston Toweron June 30 from 9am.

As workers from Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Egypt are resisting neo-liberal attacks, British workers are joining the battle by taking the government on over the issue of pensions. PCS workers at HMRC are in the frontline of the struggle against these attacks and its immoral policy allowing tax avoidance and evasion.

Anna Owens, a PCS rep says:

 “£120 billion is the amount that goes missing every year due to legal tax avoidance (eg tax havens), illegal tax avoidance (what we call tax evasion) and the fact that we haven’t got enough staff to visit employers to collect the money.”

“There are approximately 4.5 million employers in the UK and only approximately 2,000 HMRC visiting officers. This means that the average employer will only be visited once every 200 years.”

“Whole areas of Britain have now become tax havens as a result, for example Wales only has 9 HMRC offices” 

Joining striking workers and the Education Activist Network is Kamal Abu Aita the president of the property tax collectors’ union RETAU which was founded out of the tax collectors’ strike in 2007. Abu Aita is a leading figure in the Egyptian independent unions. He was a life-long opponent of the Mubarak regime, and continues to play a key role in Egyptian workers’ struggles for social justice and democracy after the uprising which toppled the dictator in February this year.

Mark Bergfeld, NUS executive says: “Whether UK Uncut, HMRC workers or the tax collectors inEgypt, neo-liberalism is being fought on a global level. Our resistance has to be as global as these attacks.” “In January, students took their demonstration in solidarity to the Egyptian embassy. On March 26, activists called to ‘turn Trafalgar square into Tahrir square’. On June 30, with one million workers on strike we will get a glimpse of the events that are shakingGreece, and the spirit of the Egyptian revolution will be at the picket line ofEustonTower.”

The Education Activist Network will have a ‘Strike the Streets’ bloc and join the demonstration fromLincoln’s Inn Field at 11.30am.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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