Occupation of Royal Conservatoire of Scotland at news of £36,000 fees

Following news that the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has set its tuition fees at £36,000 for students from the rest of the UK, students have now gone into occupation.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in Glasgow (formerly RSAMD), is a leading centre for degrees and short courses in Music, Drama, Dance, Film, TV, and Design.

NUS Scotland President Robin Parker told the BBC: “We fully reject charging for
degrees and any increase in tuition fees is clearly bad for students.”

“Fees make going to university a financial decision rather than an academic
one and that can only be a bad thing.”

Megan, one of the students in occupation, said: “This increase is incompatible with the tradition of Higher Education in Scotland. This level of fees makes it clear that all the universities introducing such fees are thinking in terms of business models and for-profit goals rather than about education itself.”

“Our occupation is part of a wave of protests going on across Scotland. We strongly oppose universities introducing these fees for UK students outside Scotland.”

Asked why students from Scotland, who will not face such fees, were occupying, Megan said: “The occupation is less to do with preserving the specific rights of students from Scotland. It is more about preserving the spirit of Scottish education, one committed to accessibility for all, not just the privileged and those who can afford it.”

“That spirit is embodied in the idea of a free education for everybody.”

“We are students from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Strathclyde University, Edinburgh University and Oxford University and elsewhere.”

“We want the university to explain why this decision was taken without consulting students. We also want the Students’ Union to explain why no consultation with students took place through them.

We demand that management make future decisions in a way that respects diversity, consensus, and consultation with students.”

Messages of solidarity can be sent to 07785 560 143.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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