UCU to launch national campaign against HE White Paper

UCU’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) today voted unanimously to spearhead a national campaign against the government’s White Paper for Higher Education. Arguing that the White Paper will ‘dismantle the existing university system, diminish the sector’s capacity to deliver quality teaching across a full range of subjects, hamper the production of quality research and impoverish student choice’, UCU will:
– organise regional and national conferences on the White Paper in liaison with NUS, the Education Activist Network, NCAFC, local student union and campaign groups

– approach NUS to organise jointly a national petition against the White Paper and a national demonstration in February 2012

UCU will also offer support for the following initiatives:

– the Education Activist Network ‘New College of Resistance’ conference on 29 October

– the NUS-backed 9 November demonstration initiated by the Education Activist Network and NCAFC 

– the Oxford University Campaign for Higher Education’s No Confidence motion in the Minister of State for Universities and Science

– the Campaign for the Public University’s Alternative White Paper

For Mark Campbell, who seconded the motion, the White Paper represents, ‘an attempt to crush academic values in pursuit of an artificially created “market” that will subordinate the needs of staff and students to the interests of private for-profit providers looking to make a quick buck from the withdrawal of state aid for university teaching. UCU’s national campaign against the White Paper will reaffirm the value of post-16 education as a public good that we intend to defend on behalf of the whole of society.’


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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