Stand up for protesters – Public Forum in London this Tuesday

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Launch of Autumn Campaign to defend protesters with short introductions from key campaigns, discussion and organising.Spread the word. Bring ideas for the campaign.

Nina Power – DTRTP & Justice for Alfie Meadows
Joe Sellers –Free Frank Fernie Campaign
Liam Burns –NUS President
Jody McIntyre – victim of police brutality
Fortnum & Masons occupier
Mark Campbell UCU NEC
Louise Christian & Mike Schwartz – campaigning lawyers
Jonnie Marbles – imprisoned for throwing a pie at Murdoch
Zita Holbourne PCS/ BARAC
Sara Tomlinson Brixton Defence Campaign/Stop Kettling Our Kids

Over the coming months many students who were arrested last year will be going to court charged with serious offences for their part in demonstrating against £9000 fees and the scrapping of EMA. These include Alfie Meadows who was injured so badly by police that he had to undergo three hours of brain surgery to save his life –he is now charged with violent disorder.

UK UNCUT activists who took part in the peaceful occupation of Fortnum and Masons during the TUC March for the Alternative will also see their trial for “aggravated trespass” begin on 9 November.

So far, harsh sentences have been handed down to anti-cuts protesters. These include Frank Fernie, a 20 year old student with no previous convictions, who is now serving a year in prison instead of beginning his studies at Sheffield University.

This meeting will be critical in launching an autumn campaign to defend arrested protesters and organise against attacks on our right to protest at a time when students, trade unionists and others are preparing for a new round of strikes and demonstrations against the cuts.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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