DEMO: STOP THE ‘NEW COLLEGE OF THE HUMANITIES’ Monday Sept 24th, 1pm, Bedford Square

called by Bloomsbury Fightback supported by: Education Activist Network

Facebook event

Grayling Hall may appear as nothing more than the narcissistic fantasy
of a sub-philosopher unfortunately over-inflated with Radio 4
air-time. In fact it is a serious profit making venture, a private
company thrusting its way into the education sector in order to guzzle
up the lucrative capital of bourgeois students desperate to separate
themselves off from the rabble. As such, it represents nothing less
than an all out class attack on the future of education.

While the managed destruction of London Metropolitan University
continues amid a hurricane of institutional racism, union busting and
P45s, the New College will attempt to establish itself as the pattern
book for education institutions from now on. Private contractors
crushing staff wages and conditions, students milked for ever more
ludicrous fees, and Trustee Boards bloated with industrialists and
finance capitalists: this is the model NCHUM wants to spread, and the
model which is tearing apart universities across the country.

There are no good universities, only those with better press officers
and fatter endowments. NCHUM is not the only target for collective
anger, nor is it necessarily the worst offender. But profiteering is
not new; egoism is not collegiate and neither is exploitation humane.
The ‘New College of the Humanities’ deserves to be stripped of its
name, its buildings, its lucrative students and any respect it might
have been able to scrape from the tongues of its sycophantic

Research and destroy! Stop NCHUM. 19 Beford Square, September 24th, 1pm.


About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

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