November 14 – Day of action

On November 14, more than ten million workers will be striking across 6 European countries. The Education Activist Network has decided to call a day of action to coincide with the general strike. Please send us your actions, demos etc to

Demonstration at the Home Office (London)

On going campaign to reverse the UKBA decision

– Lobby Home Secretary Teressa May for an immediate amnesty to all of London Met’s current international students so they can fully complete their courses and programmes of study;

– Reverse the decision to revoke London Met’s Tier-4 license; protect the long term financial viability of London Met as a community-based public university by requiring the Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) to appropriately reschedule the university’s £15M+ repayments due to it


On the 14th November millions of workers and students across Europe will be striking and protesting against austerity. In Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta general strikes are being organised. Italian and Belgian trades unions have decided to join the action and there will also be solidarity action in France and Germany.

In Leeds students and staff will demonstrate to show our opposition to cuts in education and in solidarity with those fighting austerity!

Demonstration: Defend Education & Solidarity with the European Strikes (Manchester)

From Athens and Madrid to Manchester, ordinary people continue to fight back against a deepening economic crisis. On 20 October, 200,000 workers, students, pensioners, disabled people and unemployed marched together in London against Austerity.
The struggle continues: on 14 November, the European TUC has called for a day of action and millions of workers will strike in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy.

We need to show solidarity with them!Defend education!Since in office, the coalition government has launched serious attacks on our education: tripling tuition fees, scrapping EMA, closing down courses resulting in numerous job losses while university services are being outsourced and lecturers such as Ian Parker and Chrsitine Vié (MMU) who stand up against these attacks are being victimized and suspended.

British universities are being driven by priorities shaped by the needs of big business and this restructuring of higher education is part of a much broader economic and political process which reaches universities all over the world known as neoliberalism.

The government is determined to turn education into something to be bought and sold while trying to turn students into passive consumers and staff into service providers. They value marketing and branding more than critical thought and academic independence.

At Manchester University, Professor Brown from the School of Education has announced the closure of the Applied Youth and Community Work course claiming ‘there is no point to the course’.

Students & staff will demonstrate on that day to show our opposition to cuts in education and in solidarity with those fighting austerity!

About educationactivistnetwork
The education activist network provides national coordination for trade unionists, academics, university workers and student campaigners fighting to defend jobs and education in the UK.

One Response to November 14 – Day of action

  1. Mo says:

    It’s also the kick-off day for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE (Nov.14-22) – basis of which are the…
    … call to action:
    as well as this international joint statement:

    maybe some in the UK also want to consider to link activities to the global level of the struggle during that week.


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