Goldsmiths EAN ‘NEW YEAR, NEW MOVEMENT’ Planning meeting

Monday, October 10 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm

RHB 274

With more attacks on education approaching us this year, including the implementation of the HE white paper, and the potential of millions of public sector workers on strike in November including our lecturers, this year will be crucial for the movement. Come to the first Goldsmiths EAN meeting to shape and prepare for the battles in the months ahead.

Some of the things the meeting will discuss:
– The strikes on November 30th, and our strategy at Goldsmiths
– The national student demo on November 9th
– EAN conference on October 29th
– The shape of the EAN group at Goldsmiths

We will also be electing a working group for Goldsmiths EAN at this meeting. If you’re already interested in being on the group please email with a few lines about yourself and why you want to stand. People will also have the chance to put themselves forward at the meeting, and there will be a vote.

for more info check click here

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