See the timetable as a pdf for the teach-in

11- 12.30pm

Challenging the Education White Paper

Speakers: Andrew McGettigan, Campaign for the Public University; Ruby Hirsch NUS NEC FE rep; Jim Wolfreys Kings College UCU, Alfie Meadows and others

12.30-1.45pm Workshops 

1. Strikes, walkouts and occupations – how do we build for the shut down?

Guy Aitchison co-editor of Fightback/UCL occupation; Samir Hinks Kings College Student

2. Alternatives to the neoliberal university

Alberto Toscano, academic Goldsmiths College; Naomi Bain UNISON & Bloomsbury Fight Back;  Peter Hallward, philosopher

3. Post grads and zero hour contracts – how do we fight casualisation?

Amy Gilligan, PhD student and Cambridge Defend Education, Matthew Bennett, PhD student at Essex University and Essex EAN

4.  Building universities of solidarity

Ilan Pappe, Dissident Israeli academic; Jaqueline Rose, academic; Hannah Elsisi, Egyptian student studying at Sussex University reports on AUC and University strikes

5. “Calm down dear”: Gender inequality in education

Estelle Hart, NUS women’s Officer, Laurie Penny, author Meat Market, Becky Gardener Portsmouth SU Women’s Officer

1.45-2.30pm Lunch Break

2.30-3.45pm Workshops

1. No Future, No Fear? Cuts, EMA and the fight for FE 

Owen Jones, author of ‘Chavs’, Jamil Keating, Xavarian College Manchester, Sean Vernell UCU NEC

2. TPS, USS and the right to defend public sector pensions

Malcom Povey Leeds University UCU, Jenny Sutton CONEL UCU and Zita Holbourne PCS NEC

3. We Are Not Your Spies: points based immigration, prevent and the racist clampdown

 Tom Hickey Brighton University UCU & Kanja Sesay NUS Black Students Officer

4.  Europe in crisis, Europe in Struggle -learning lessons from the French CPE to Greek General Strike French student, Costas Todoulos Greek student activist; Mark Bergfeld NUS NEC

5. Cuts, Cops and Kettles -Defending the Right to Protest

Katy Clarke MP, Fortnum & Masons occupier, Defend the Right To Protest speaker,

4 -5.30pm-Closing Plenary –Don’t Work, Don’t Study – Operation Education Shutdown

Report from workshops plus John McDonnell MP, UK Uncut, Liam Burns NUS President, Mark Campbell Save London Met + students from the international struggle and trade unionists striking on N30

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