February 15th – Take back your campus – Rally to Defend the Right to Protest

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Last November, Birmingham students held a peaceful sit-in in an unused gate house at University. In response, university management acquired an injunction banning all ‘occupational protest action’ for the following 12 months. The injunction was condemned by the student’s movement , the unions and campaigning organisations such as Amnesty International.

The Birmingham Guild of Students has called on students, trade unionists and movement to rally at the Clocktower at Birmingham University on 15th February at 1pm. The Guild alongside organisations such as the EAN, NCAFC and Defend the Right Protest are calling on the injunction to be dropped.

Why we will you be demonstrating on February 15th?

Matt Franklin 2nd year anthropology: “The injunction is attack on our right to free speech, it is time we took back our campus”

April Reilly 2nd political science “I think this is a flagrant attack on our democratic rights, the university establishment should be ashamed of themselves, as a student movement we have strong reaction against this to make sure no other universities dares do this again.”

Hattie Graig “I think it outrageous that Simon Furse is facing expulsion for taking part in a peaceful protest. 21 occupations took place across the country, thousands took part but only Simon has got singled out, we have to defend him”.

Mark Bergfeld, NUS NEC and Education Activist Network: “The best way to defend our right to protest is to continue to protest. The shocking measures taken by B’ham university management should be a warning signal to all students fighting to defend their education and civil rights. I will be travelling up to B’ham on February 15th and so should you!”

Tell us what you think and we’ll post it up online educationactivist@gmail.com

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