March 7 – National Lobby and feeder march

Feeder march for National Lobby on March 7

The NUS has called a national lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 7th March 2012 against changes in fees, education cuts, and the debt regime. The lobby is an important opportunity to show students’ continued opposition to the government in the face of the indefinite postponement of the HE Bill. To welcome NUS’s call for a national lobby and support EAN’s call for a feeder march on the day of the national NUS lobby, and work together to ensure that maximum turnout for the day.

NUS writes:

Many of your MPs will not understand what is happening to the same level that you do – they are busy people – and so together we need to educate MPs about all the issues, so that they can ask questions of the Minister about the backdoor changes. So, on Wednesday 7th March 2011 we shall be holding a National Lobby of Parliament to facilitate you to raise your concerns and put pressure on your MP to ensure that David Willetts be accountable for his changes.

So far following organisations support the call:

Education Activist Network

University of London Union

LSE Student’s Union

If you want to support the call please e-mail

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