Model motion

The Education Activist Network welcomes the NUS’ call for a national lobby on March 7. We are proposing Student’s Unions to pass following motion through their meetings. We will be putting this motion to NCAFC Conference and seek their support.

Action for Education!

Prroposers: Sean Rillo Raczka and Mark Bergfeld, Education Activist Network


‪1. The UCU has called its next day of industrial action over pensions on March 1st

‪2. The NUS has called a national lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 7th March 2012 against changes in fees, education cuts, and the debt regime‬

‪3. Further, NUS has called a week of action from March 12-16th and for a national student walk-out this term.‬

‪Further notes:‬

‪1.The 52,000 strong national demonstration called by UCU and NUS in November 2010 was the largest education demonstration to date.‬


‪1.The fight over pensions is central to the fight against the HE White Paper as both seek to drive down labour costs. Private providers, for example, have warned Willetts that the HE market is inaccessible due to the current public sector pensions scheme‬

‪2.The lobby is an important opportunity to show students’ continued opposition to the government in the face of the indefinite postponement of the HE Bill‬

‪3. The call for a  national student walk-out represents a real shift from NUS in regards to the tactics it employs.‬

‪Further Believes:‬

‪1. We are strongest when the official unions such as NUS and UCU alongside the unofficial networks such as CoR, EAN, NCAFC, No Confidence, Campaign for Public University mobilize and act together.‬


‪1. To join others in calling for student strikes on the respective days of industrial action taken by UCU other unions.‬

‪2. To welcome NUS’s call for a national lobby and support the call for a feeder march on the day of the national NUS lobby, and work together to ensure that maximum turnout for the day.‬

‪3. To welcome NUS’s call for a week of action and help to co-ordinate in local university/colleges general union meetings and student assemblies and meetings to discuss what the most effective strategy and tactics for that week are.‬

‪4. To support the call for NUS to name a day for a national autumn demonstration now. If NUS doesn’t follow that call, to work together with those networks to maximize the turnout for such a mobilization

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