National Walk-out

The Education Activist Network welcomes NUS’ call for a national walk-out this Spring term. The walk-out will be on March 14

Resources & Materials

Willetts Must Go placard

Education not your business placard

willetts-must-go-london demonstration leaflet

EAN walk out 14 march poster


NUS President Liam Burns writes:

We will call for a National Walk-Out on campusses this term. Students’ unions will be able to develop a range of actions that their students want to take, but the aim is clear: let’s clear out the lecture theatres, the seminar rooms, the ITC suites and the Libraries and demonstrate clearly that without students, Universities are just empty buildings. Let’s work hard together to show that students care and make the National Walk-Out count.

These actions are just the start of our activity this term. Scrapping the Bill signals a new, more sneaky way of doing business from the coalition Government, and as a movement we need to find new and creative ways to apply pressure and win for students in return.

What is clear is whether the Bill has been dropped or delayed, that we still need to stand up for students, make clear our demands and show the Government, the sector and our Vice Chancellors and Principles that we won’t put with backdoor changes any more than we would put up with legislative ones.

I will be in touch with more details about the Lobby, Week of Action and National Walk-Out. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, comments or questions – as ever just email, text or call.

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