N30 – Don’t Work, Don’t Study – Operation Education Shutdown!


If your university group is doing anything on the day please e-mail us at educationactivist@gmail.com

University of East London – PROGRAM OF RESISTANCE

8am – Picket Solidarity – meet up outside Cyprus station, near the student bar to show solidarity with striking staff and lecturers.

9am – Breakfast Rally – Join us for a rally around the university picket lines, sharing a breakfast with the strikers.

9.30am – Meeting on the Global Occupy Movement – by London Stock Exchange Occupier

9.45am-10:30am – Workshops
Resistance Beats – UEL musician Brian Kelly with guitars and drums
End of Silence – Spoken word poetry with UEL students and hip-hop collective 4i2i. Please bring your poetry.

10am – Meeting The Arab Revolutions – Phil Marfleet, UEL lecturer, will do a 30 min discussion on the revolutions.

10.30am – GENERAL ASSEMBLY – We will hold an Occupy movement style general assembly for students and workers to discuss the wider issues concerning the cuts and education.

11.15am – Rally to Join the national demonstration – in central london, meeting at lincoln inn fields, Holborn corner LSE.

Queen Mary University picket lines and rally set up.

Goldsmiths College will be organising a teach-out on N30. Amongst other things they will be discussing the Eurozone crisis, HE White Paper.

LSE & KCL will be visiting one another’s picket lines and then holding a teach

Portsmouth students  will be joining the picket lines in the morning. There will be music by Seize the Day, creative events by Woodcraft Folk, a march through Commercial Rd and food and drink in a venue (tba)

Essex University students are organising events on their picket lines

Oxford University students are organising a teach-out discussing the alternative to austerity on the Monday Nov 28 and on N30 they are organising a march.

Manchester Metropolitan Uni students will be assembling at 10:30am at All Saint’s Park

Manchester Uni students have set up solidarity picket lines at all entrances: Williamson Building, Samuel Alexander Building ,

Sheffield University are having Flying Pickets in the morning. At 11:30am the SU, UCU and hospital workers from NHS are holding a joint rally. They will march into town to join the TUC demonstration.

Hull University students have a diary of action in the run-up to N30. They have a banner making sessions and an organising meeting called by the Student’s Union. On Friday, the UCU, EAN and SU will be organising a  rally.

University of Glasgow is manning picket lines and providing solidarity (in the form of tea, coffee, biscuits). We are then marching to Buchanan Street to meet students from other Universities and High Schools. We are then marching as a student bloc to meet the strikers, organised by Glasgow Trades Council / ScottishTUC. There have been a weekly series of education events running in the build up.

9am        University of Glasgow Student Support of Pickets: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=278671948841193
University Library, Gilmorehill

11:30am N30: Student Walkout Assembly Point: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=310299235647307
Buchanan Street / Concert Hall Steps

12:00am Glasgow Trades Council: March for Pensions Justice: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=157496554348181
Albion Street/ Shuttle Street, Glasgow City Centre

For any other major events by Glasgow activists, follow @glasgowoccupied (https://twitter.com/#!/glasgowoccupied) on Twitter, or watch your local news.

Teeside/Middlesborough If you are in Teesside University or one of the colleges in Teesside please invite others to this, and come out to show your support.

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